NAMI Blog July 2016

My fitness motivation tips have been published in the July 2016 NAMI blog.

That is the blog on the NAMI-National Website.

I still think NAMI-National has a way to go in truly advocating for the least fortunate among us. I still think senior citizens with mental illnesses are being left by the wayside.

I think the time has come to stop insisting that no one can recover when they’re diagnosed with schizophrenia–as per the self-appointed “international expert” on another mental health website that I refuse to mention by name.

Let’s face it: those of us who focus on other things besides endlessly talking about symptoms–those of us who don’t focus on disability–are going to continue to get flak.

Yet I’ve been a mental health activist going on 15 years and I was doing those things 14 years ago. I was a NAMI Peer-to-Peer education course mentor where I taught about how to diagnose major mental illnesses and what the symptoms were.

People will always be able to find this kind of information elsewhere.

My focus now and in the near future will be on how we can create health wealth and happiness for ourselves and how we can help other peers do this.

I find what’s missing in society is a sane and healthy discourse. I will talk about this in the Left of the Dial blog when I end this blog entry.

Enjoy my Top 10 Fitness Motivation Tips.



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