Getting Assertive

I’ve had to get sent back two damaged bathroom sink / vanities.

The first one was cracked so I had a replacement delivered. The second one arrived cracked too. Lowe’s delivered the items.

An employee I spoke to acted like it was my fault this happened.

Thus I wanted to give everyone a tip: when an item arrives open the box and check it carefully. If it’s defective have the delivery guy return it right then. I don’t recommend having the store come back with another item and then take back this one.

As soon as the item arrives damaged have the delivery guy take it back at the same time.

It’s as simple as this: practice assertiveness by rehearsing what you’re going to say or mentally visualizing what what you want to happen.

Delivery charges are steep and you won’t be refunded them–you’ll only be refunded what you paid for the items.

As a woman, I did not take kindly to talking a guy employee who insinuated that I was at fault for receiving defective merchandise.

That’s why you have to tell the delivery guy to take back the item(s) right on the spot before he leaves.

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