Rethinking Mental Health Recovery

You can change the world for the better simply by being in it.

I keep the blog to uplift and inspire others that living a full and robust life is possible.

Your life matters. You have tools in your recovery tool kit. One tool I used was reading the book Born for This about finding the work you were born to do.

In this regard recovery is not and cannot be one-size-fits-all.

The ending of the book was the best part. The author understands: if you try and fail, don’t keep trying–try something different.

This makes sense in recovery too. There is no one path we are supposed to take.

Like I said before, give yourself a “lifeline” to achieve a goal, not a deadline.

My theory is that if you have to try too hard to make something work, do something else.

False starts happen to all of us along the way.

The goal as I see it is to have a fluid approach to life in recovery and to life, period.

The way to go that helps me is to envision possible alternative options and to choose the one that most resonates with me at this moment in time.

If you think this makes sense to do like I do you can always change your mind down the road. Just pick on thing to do right now.

Having fluid thinking and fluid feelings can bolster self-growth. To be hampered in our thinking and cut off from expressing our feelings can lead to illness.

I use the word fluid because it aptly describes the ease of shifting from one thing to another as we move forward.

Imagine if you or I looked and acted and dressed the same way now as we did at 20. Muhammad Ali the famous boxer is quoted:

“A man who looks at the world the same way at 50 as he did at 20 has wasted 30 years of his life.”

The prescription for illness then is to be open to change; to not be afraid to do things differently; to accept that we are going to think and feel differently throughout our lives.

Rest assured we often don’t get it right just starting out in recovery. The mistakes are life lessons. This is proof that staying in one place and remaining stuck is not the answer.

Keeping an open mind is the solution.



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