What’s for Dinner

The food in the photo below came from a Greenmarket–even the fresh creamery butter. The bread on the right is a cinnamon like babka. The fish is flounder.

I ordinarily don’t drink chocolate milk although it’s featured. Female Athletes in Women’s Health magazine are shown advertising chocolate milk as a great drink. Yet I don’t often drink it because an 8 oz glass of chocolate milk has 32 gm sugar. That’s a lot of sugar to consume every day.

I sat in a waiting room in a hospital and on the TV was a show that exposed the evils lurking in sugar consumption. After that I quit drinking Snapple–which is NOT all natural though the label boasts it is. Snapple is packed with “natural flavors” and sugar, sugar, sugar. No kidding.

A friend told me he wants to go on an eating regimen that’s like the one for people who have diabetes–and he doesn’t have diabetes yet he takes an atypical.

Preventive “medicine” like this is better than the standard operating procedure in America of treating disease after it starts. Strong primary care with a professional doctor can make the difference in halting illness if you ask me or better alleviating symptoms once you get sick.

As the Italians like to toast before a meal: “Salut!”

2016 may seven

2 thoughts on “What’s for Dinner

  1. Hi Leslie,

    I will be posting more Greenmarket finds and more recipes. Haven’t been posting as often as I got tied up in a writing project.


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