Greenmarket Season

Greenmarket season is approaching so I want to shift the focus of the blog to nutrition again.

I think food can be used as a kind of “treatment” as an adjunct to medication and therapy.

The original second book I wanted to publish has become obsolete because there’s no target market for it. In that book I devoted a chapter to fitness and nutrition. In reality I don’t have to “reinvent the wheel” because a multitude of other great books exist on the topic.

I’ll start this blog carnival’s theme with a list of the Top Food Books. I own all of them in my collection.

  1. The Top 100 Fitness Foods: 100 ways to turbocharge your life by Sarah Owen
  2. Verdure: simple recipes in the Italian style (out of print – I bought it on the cheap    from Amazon and it arrived in perfect condition from a used bookseller)
  3. Vegetables Every Day by Jack Bishop
  4. The Organic Food Shopper’s Guide by Jeff Cox
  5. National Geographic Foods for Health by Barton Seaver and P.K. Newby, Sc.D., M.P.H.
  6. Mark Bittman’s Kitchen Express by Mark Bittman (404 inspired seasonal dishes you can make in 20 minutes or less)
  7. What the Fork Are You Eating? by Stefanie Sacks M.S.,  C.N.S.,  C.D.N.
  8. The Mediterranean Family Table by Angelo Acquista, M.D.

These eight books eclipse anything I was going to write about in the obsolete second book.

Vegetables Every Day I find myself running to nearly every week during Greenmarket season. It’s an A-Z listing of produce. I’ve found the recipes are easy to make and quite tasty.

What the Fork Are You Eating? is my new favorite I’ve bought. Sacks is a nutritionist who exposes what’s really lurking in most food products and how to make healthier choices. A must-read even if you just check it out of the library.

Trust me: these guides aren’t didactic or chiding or coercive in their approach to healthful eating.

With What the Fork you’ll get livable advice that you can put to use quickly and effortlessly.

These books put me out of business in terms of writing the original second book.

Now you’re getting this information for free in my blog.



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