Mercury Retrograde

I’m going to publish another blog entry today on a topic that is critical for having an easier time of it in our lives.

You can pooh-pooh this all you want however I’m confident that astrology is right-on when it comes to being accurate. That’s why one of the links I placed to the right of this blog on the bottom is a link to AstrologyZone by Susan Miller.

Mercury turns retrograde this Thursday, April 28 through May 22, 2016.

Folks I kid you not as of today it’s too late to buy a computer or any other electronic device like a cell phone or an appliance that runs on electricity or any other kind of expensive big ticket item especially anything that has to be delivered on a truck.

Really all of us must do these things at least three weeks BEFORE Mercury goes retrograde or at least a week AFTER Mercury turns direct.

Whenever I’ve bought furniture during Mercury retrograde it’s arrived in damaged condition. True to how it is on Monday I had delivered a bathroom sink and vanity and medicine cabinet from Lowe’s.

The marble sink basin has a crack running all along it. The side panel of the vanity has a long crack running along it too. And these things were delivered Monday and when I opened the boxes today the items were defective.

I kid you not: hold off on buying a cell phone until early June. Refrain from buying a computer or other electronic device or anything electrical or costing a lot of money.

This is how it is: do nothing new and buy nothing like this during Mercury retrograde and in the weeks before and after Mercury does this thing three times a year like it always does.

I’m impressed that when I called Lowe’s to force them to send a truck to pick up the damaged goods the customer service rep was able to do this.

Living with a mental illness can be harder than it is for other people who don’t have this kind of illness.

I say: understanding the laws of what to do immediately before, during, and after Mercury Retrograde can make our lives easier.

You have to trust me on this.

I’m not kidding when I subscribe to astrology as a tool for making our lives easier.

Information on Mercury Retrograde.

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