Number-One Job Skill

In my estimation the number-one job skill is a hard work ethic that is accompanied by service with cheer not service with a sneer.

Now your supervisors or management might pay lip service to excellent customer service. They might enable a co-worker to be rude or to not do any work. This is more so often in a union job where a rude employee can’t be fired.

Most union employees do their jobs admirably. It’s the bad apples in the bunch that sully the reputation of other people.

Trust me: hard work is the key to success on the job along with alacrity in starting, following through on, and completing the tasks.

My goal is to start a job search club for people with disabilities. If you follow #BKLYNlibrary you can read Tweets of job search and career success strategies.

I implore you not to be that rude or lazy co-worker. I beseech you to act as a team player on the job and to interact with your co-workers positively and proactively.

Refrain from being that co-worker who gives everyone a dumb or hostile stare and games the supervisors so he’s not fired. You really don’t want to be that person: a co-worker who doesn’t have two kind words or any other words to speak with your co-workers and customers.

This is it folks: the number-one secret to succeeding on a job: hard work coupled with respect for your co-workers and customers.

In the next blog entry I’ll talk about the ADA Act.

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