Careers Versus Jobs

From 2004 to 2012 (nine years) I was the Living Life column for SZ magazine’s print edition. Now the magazine is readable on the Internet. I write now their My Voice column focused on getting and succeeding at a job when you have schizophrenia.

The winter 2016 column was published. The spring 2016 column will arrive soon.

The first step if you ask me is to get in tune with what makes you tick. Oprah Winfrey wrote about “using your personality to do your soul’s work.” Finding what your soul’s work is and going and doing that will enable you to have a healthy, prosperous life living in recovery.

It first starts with career assessment. Do the research to figure out what careers you might like and would be good at. Try PersonalityType and Archetypes and the CareerMatchmaker quiz I talked about in an earlier blog entry.

It’s possible to earn a livable salary doing what you love. I wouldn’t shy away from having two jobs if that will enable you to have the kind of life you want. Read the Kimberly Palmer book The Economy of You about how you can turn a passion into a profitable side gig while you work at a day job.

There are jobs. And then there are careers. Taking any old job just to pay the rent is not the way to go if you ask me. Doing what you love even if you don’t become rich is the way to go.

In today’s world the goal often is to live debt-free because not a lot of us are going to become rich. Living debt-free is a noble goal. If you ask me it’s the goal to strive for above all other financial goals.

In the coming blog entries I will talk more about employment when you have a diagnosis. I will give the information about where you can sign on to subscribe to SZ magazine and read my column online.

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