Two Months

Only about just over eight weeks until spring is here so that’s something to look forward to if you live where it’s cold and snowy.

I recommend using FreshDirect in New York City and Philadelphia or PeaPod elsewhere to have groceries delivered to you. It makes sense to stock up if a blizzard is coming your way. Amazon online also has a food delivery service now in certain areas.

Let’s face it that it’s also too easy to hibernate in our apartments in the winter instead of going outside. Let these online services bring your groceries and household supplies to you.

As a recovery strategy too I recommend stocking up. Buy two tubes of toothpaste, a 4-pack or if you have room a 6-pack of toilet paper, and so on. Scoop out the available storage space and closets and cabinets in any apartment you’re thinking about renting. This way you can have room to stock up.

It’s true: who wants to go outside in the winter unless you’re living in San Diego or L.A. or a sun bird state like Florida?

It helps to do things that make our lives easier. If only because living with a mental health challenge is not always easy.

I recommend employing these strategies year-round not just in the winter. Mostly because it can be a free-for-all shopping in a regular market or supermarket or big box store having to navigate crowds and wait on long lines. If you do go to a store I recommend going during off-peak hours.

Though it’s cold and snowy now this is something to think about:

The sun always returns. After our loved ones are no longer here, after we have a setback, after the unthinkable happens: the sun can return and we can have a better life.

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