Moving On

I transcribed An Appointed Time for Everything not because it was a Bible quote. I did so because it seemed to talk about an idea that makes sense. If I remember it was the Byrds in the 1960s who did the song “Turn, Turn, Turn” based on this quote. There truly is a season under the sun for everything.

We must plan for when the sun goes out in a loved one’s life. They will always be with us though. We must honor their memory. Getting sent flowers can cheer us in these days of loss and mourning.

We move on and we are changed. And what are the mental health agencies doing to agitate not just advocate for suitable housing and strong primary healthcare for individuals with mental illnesses whose parents are in their sixties seventies and could be in their eighties now?

I’ve always championed independent living. I’ve written numerous times about creating a Special Needs Trust for your kid or kids who will collect SSI for the rest of their lives. Going on as if nothing will change is not the solution. Going on as if “the graying of America” hasn’t been a reality for decades is not the way to go.

We must each of think of what we can do to shift the needle so that we can help others live lives in balance and with hope and harmony after their family members are gone.

Not everyone who has a mental illness is going to bop into a MeetUp group like some of us do. Not everyone with a mental illness is being prepared to live independently when their family members are gone.

If you are a parent or a family member: Think Now about helping your loved one get to a comfortable place in their life. It’s not ever too soon to think about planning for your loved one’s care for when you’re not here.

You will always be with them even after you’re gone. Yet just think now: do you want to leave them with no option except to live in a shady and seedy residence and have cut-rate care?

I recommend investigating the treatment providers listed in the directory you can access on the Resources to Recover website I link to on the right.

The day is coming. Better to plan now than to leave things a mess.



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