Thank You

I want to thank everyone for reading this humble blog over the years.

It’s my intention to spread joy and cheer to others. Life is hard and I’m confident no one wants to be reminded of the hell every day.

There’s a better way: immediate or early intervention to halt disability from progressing if you ask me.

A book I’ve written has become obsolete because there’s no longer a market for it. A second book is awaiting wings and I would like to publish this book within two years.

In coming blog entries I’d like to focus on things I wrote about in the obsolete book: kind of like giving free information instead of making people pay to buy a copy of that book.

In January 2016 I start my new gig as the Solutions columnist for SZ magazine a quarterly online schizophrenia recovery magazine. I had been the Living Life columnist for nine years up until 2012 for this magazine when it was a print version.

The Solutions column will focus in 2016 on finding and succeeding at employment when you have schizophrenia.

Enjoy the end of the year.

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