Resources to Recover

Today I want to talk about Resources to Recover. This non-profit serves the NY-NJ-CT-MA area as a source of recommended treatment providers.

How do I know they’re legitimate?

Since 2002–over 12 years now–I’ve given talks at the Zucker-Hillside IPRT in Hollis, Queens, NY. At this IPRT clients set a 12-month life goal like career, education, or housing and implement steps to achieve it.

Resources to Recover recommends the Zucker-Hillside IPRT so that’s how I can totally get behind this non-profit.

You can go on the Resources to Recover website.

They are going to use my essay: A Peer’s Recovery Ethic and Story on their blog if all goes well this Tuesday.

Resources to Recover is the website for families who are researching treatment options for loved ones.

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