Where I Stand

A woman I mistakenly friended on Facebook years ago added me to a Facebook Group she started without my permission.

I was alerted to this via a Facebook automatic e-mail and promptly deleted myself from the group. I defriended the person and deactivated my Facebook account which I haven’t been on in years.

My Facebook Author Account is still active.

Unbeknownst to me this woman signed me up for an anti-psychiatry group.

For the record: I do not endorse her group nor any other Facebook group. I do not endorse alternatives to psychosis treatment and I do not endorse any kind of anti-psychiatry screed.

If it turns out I’m still in this woman’s Facebook Group I want you to know that she is using my name without my consent. I did not give her permission to add me to her anti-psychiatry group.

As loyal readers of my blog know I’m pro-medication and a fan of what I call the Positive Psychiatry movement.

I’m not a fan of Mad in America or Mad Pride or any anti-psychiatry front group.

My contention is that a person should be supported in their decision if they have to take medication to be able to have a full and robust life.

I also endorse restraints in a hospital when they’re absolutely required.

I make the case for not going off on the staff of a psych ward if you’re admitted for a hospital stay. You should have in place a psychiatric advance directive and have your health care agent get involved in your treatment.

The Helping Families in Mental Health Crisis Act if made into law would give certain people like family members the right to discuss your care with the staff at the hospital and your doctor.

Again: I do not endorse any Facebook Group and as far as I know I’ve been removed from the group I was forcibly added to without my permission.

If you see that I am still a member of any Facebook anti-psychiatry group I want you to know that I did not endorse this.

The only Facebook Group I signed up for on my own was the WheresNAMI Facebook Group.

4 thoughts on “Where I Stand

  1. Chris, I support everything you say here. Different strokes for different folks, and that is okay.
    Medicine, hospitalizations when needed, and therapy have kept me alive, and helped me to be as fully My Self as ever. For all that, my gratitude is so profound.

    Chacun a son gout, and that is okay — really okay.

    If I should ever see your name associated with an anti-psychiatry movement, I shall let you know.

    Each person’s truth should ring free.

    Again, my support for your work,

    Leslie in Baltimore

    • Hi Leslie,

      Only one thing upsets me: that this woman saw nothing wrong with forcibly adding me against my will. That’s a form of rape: when I wasn’t asked to participate and didn’t say Yes I wanted to be added. NoMeansNo.

      I hope that in the future other peers and consumers act responsibly in their interactions with those of us also in recovery. I have been only kind to the peers and consumers I meet whether it’s online or in person.

      Yes: I’m able to listen to and understand people. I can indeed understand the anti-psychiatry crowd and where they’re coming from.

      That said this breach of ethics has left me seriously concerned.

      Thank you for your ongoing kind words.


  2. So “with you” on all this.


    Thanks for responding to me, and thanks for your expressions of Self, your ethics, the ways in which you live your life, and what you expect from your Self, and from those around you.

    Good stuff, Chris.
    We look forward.

  3. I realize a week later the acceptable version of a request: send me a message like this instead: “I’ve created a Facebook Group that’s important to me. I’d like you to join it. I’d be grateful for your support. Here’s the link: “

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