Happy Harvest

I advocate that a person is grateful for what they do have instead of bemoaning what they don’t have or being jealous of someone else.

At Thanksgiving I prefer to celebrate the harvest and the bounty in my life. The true root of the holiday is that we stole this land from Native Americans. Thus I prefer to focus on the season as one of reaping what we’ve sown in terms of a harvest.

Be grateful. Set a goal. The striving to achieve a goal is what counts not the outcome. I have achieved a fitness goal what’s called a performance goal.

I’m going to have a holiday party. I’ll set the table with the Missoni dinnerware I bought from Target. Little things like spending time with friends count more than whether we’ve gotten a degree or have a job if you ask me.

If you ask me the point is to enjoy life.

A backlash against the happiness gurus exists. Yes: I do think so-called experts can go too far in preaching that everyone gets happy every hour of every day. Yet being terminally depressed can rob a person of self-esteem.

A happy medium can exist. Happiness is an inside job. No one can give it to you and it doesn’t exist outside of yourself in the products we buy.

The happiest times of my life were when I played with my niece and nephew when they were young kids.

Now you see why I’m the biggest fan of finding what gives you joy and going and doing that.

Nothing lasts forever–hopefully not the emotional pain a person is in either. We must cherish what we have while we have it.

On this Thanksgiving Day I wish that readers of this blog have a good day. If you don’t have family to celebrate with go and do what gives you joy.

A happy harvest season to you.

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