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I accidentally linked to instead of for contacting your congressperson

The new link will take you to now. is the former website that lists the bills being introduced and their text and what the bills are supposed to do for the current Congress.

I’ve finished reading a 692-page book titled Altruism by Matthieu Ricard. In it he claims rightly so that nations with the greatest income inequality (like the U.S.) fare worse economically.

GDP should not be used as a determination of wealth. Bhutan has created a NHP: National Happiness Product instead of Gross Domestic Product.

I urge everyone to read Altruism. It’s worth it to buy this clunker of a book so that you can refer again and again to the section on why eating meat is not healthful and how it affects climate change.

The author gives solid research and quotes leading alterna-economists and conscious leaders making a difference in our global society.

Altruism is the word. We should all be looking beyond our noses to see how our actions affect other human beings. We should be making a conscious effort to see the interdependence of every human being living on Earth. We should read newspapers to see what’s happening in our country and in the world.

Silence reinforces the status quo.

The time is now to speak up and lobby for early intervention in FEP.

The time is now to speak up against injustice wherever it crops up.

I do not want any of the buffoons becoming our next president. The thing is those clowns are dangerous because people take them seriously. Their hate infects otherwise good people like a cancer.

Now is the time to lobby for effective schizophrenia treatment like the kind used in the RAISE study.

Years ago in New York City the “I Vote, I Count” drive existed to register people living with mental illnesses to vote.

I urge you to register to vote and to go out and vote in every election.

You can often get a voter registration card at the local branch of your public library. Fill it out and mail it in without delay.

I’ve been voting in every U.S. election for 32 years. The year I turned 18 there was a presidential election in 1983. I’m 50 now and I’ve been voting in every election since 1983 and it’s 2015 now.

It might not seem to make a difference who wins the election. Yet just think about the current rules and laws being enacted to make it harder for poor people and minorities to vote.

Just think what it would be like if you lived in a country with a corrupt dictator where a free election wasn’t possible. Our right to vote as U.S. citizens should not be taken for granted.

Just think of the voter ID laws being enacted that make it harder for people to vote once they show up to the polling site.

We need to demand that our elected officials do the right thing.

They might not listen to us when it comes to labeling GMO foods or taking action on climate change.

Yet the more we speak up the better we’ll be because we’ll show our elected officials that  they can’t just carry on with business as usual.

Use your voice to speak out. Use your arm to pull the lever in the voting booth or to blacken the circle where an elected official’s name is on the ballot form.

Heck: I will most likely vote for Bernie Sanders yet I don’t care who you vote for. The point is to get out and vote for the candidate you think is the best one.

Vote in this election. Vote in every election you’re able to vote in.

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