Eating to Live

It’s proven that people who eat meat of any kind are at a higher risk for developing colon cancer and other cancers.

The more meat you eat, the greater your risk. Forget living a sustainable life to promote a better climate. Do it so you can live healthfully and live longer having a happy and healthy life.

Eating to live instead of living to eat IMHO is a valid form of treatment for individuals diagnosed with schizophrenia and other mental illnesses. Eating healthful food can improve how we feel and give us energy that fuels us for the day ahead.

The number-one thing any of us can do (even if it’s the only thing we do) is to halt eating chemical-laden food.

Some Nature’s Path products, SmartStart, Kind bars, Skinny Girl bars–all these products have chemicals called natural flavors. Anything labeled natural flavor as an ingredient is a chemical.

USDA-Organic labeled foods are allowed to have 5 percent non-organic ingredients. Luna Bars and Clif bars also have natural flavor chemicals.

It’s not ever too late in life to change how and what you eat to start to improve your health and to feel better mentally and physically.

I’m reading the book A Big Fat Crisis about how the obesity epidemic in America is mostly fueled by food company marketing campaigns and suggestive selling of products via TV commercials for unhealthy food and drink, product placement in supermarkets, and subliminal packaging design.

It could possibly be according to the author that our lack of willpower or discipline in how we eat is a big fat lie about why upwards of half of Americans or more are overweight or obese. That all those clunky heavyweight diet books in the 613.25 section of the library aren’t helpful even though dozens are published each year that extol us to change our behavior.

The bigger real culprit is that with the subtle nefarious food industry tactics used to get us to consume more and more junk food it’s too easy to be seduced and too hard to exert control.

The author of A Big Fat Crisis is an M.D. who gives meticulous research about these insider tactics that make it all too easy for us to plunk down our cash on junk food.

I recommend that all readers of my blog check this book out of the library or buy a copy to read.

In the next blog entries here I will talk about my own eating habits over the years and how I changed what I ate to improve my mental and physical health.

Like I said it’s not ever too late to start to eat to live instead of living to eat.

Relax: it’s most likely not your fault that you could possibly carry a few extra pounds.

I used to be 20 pounds overweight by the way. At book talks my mother turns to the audience members from her front-row seat and tells them: “Chris was chubby.” I kid you not: my own mother calls me a former chubby

I’m going to start to talk in here about what I think is a better approach to eating.

Each of us can start now. We can start today. It doesn’t matter how long we were stuck in our old ways.

We can change our self-talk to understand that we’re not bad people because of this. We’re human beings. And chances are we’re seduced by food packaging and food claims that make an emotional appeal as to why they’re what we’re supposed to eat.

Carefully examining the ingredient labels instead reveals the dirty little truth: these products aren’t good for us and the sooner we stop consuming them the better our waistlines and our wallets will be.

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