HealthCentral Update

This month at HealthCentral I will publish a news article titled “Finding and Succeeding at Employment with Schizophrenia.”

Yesterday I published there 5 Ways Schizophrenia Changes You. Last week I wrote Depression and Schizophrenia

This is for information of course. It’s possible that the interview I did about depression and schizophrenia might have been my best writing for HealthCentral when it was published at their depression website.

At HealthCentral I simply wanted to give information that could be practical. I will always advocate that a person seeks help from a professional before things get out of hand not after they’re in dire straits.

This October is Disability Employment Awareness Month. In a Boston University Survey I of Sustained Employment Among Individuals with Psychiatric Conditions: 95 percent of the participants were taking psychotropic medication at the time of entering the study.

I will tell others: get help before things get out of hand. Do what you can to get yourself up and out of a hole. Rock bottom is when there’s no lower you can go. Yet dancing on the edge of an abyss is no way to go either.

I don’t recommend settling for living in hell when a person doesn’t have to.

If you want to work at a job, it just might make a difference if you stay in treatment.

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