Breaking Oregon Shooting News

An unidentified shooter in Oregon killed 10 people on a college campus.

The Treatment Advocacy Center has released this information about non-treatment of individuals with mental illnesses:


  • 50% – Approximate percentage of mass killings committed by individuals with untreated severe mental illness
  • 216,000 – Approximate number of homeless U.S. adults with untreated severe mental illness
  • 400,000 – Approximate number of U.S. adults with untreated mental illness in jails or prisons
  • 13,000 – Approximate number of suicides committed each year under the influence of schizophrenic, manic or depressive symptoms.

What part of “homelessness is NOT a choice” does the anti-psychiatry Mad crowd not get? What part of “homeless women are raped” does the Mad crowd not get? What part of the fact that lives are wasted does the anti-psychiatry babblers not get?

Mental illness is not a choice. Psychosis is not a natural life experience.

These are the consequences of going without treatment. This is no joke.

To turn a blind eye to individuals with mental illnesses who have severe conditions isn’t helping them get better.

Billing Medicaid for line dancing isn’t helping these people who have chronic mental illnesses.

The clock is ticking. Time bombs like these will always go off if we don’t stand up and tell others:

“We’re mad as hell, and we’re not going to take it anymore.”

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