Getting the Right Treatment

A recent report exposed the fraud and waste rampant or at least near-rampant in mental healthcare.

One therapist invoiced Medicaid for 64 patient visits in one day. Other agencies used mental healthcare funds for yoga and line dancing instead of best practices treatment.

Those of us with severe mental illness have been relegated to the dust bin. The trend is to treat well-off individuals not people who have chronic illnesses. Getting the right treatment right away shouldn’t be a herculean effort like it was for me recently when I tried to find a therapist.

I’m lucky I can see a therapist on the cheap: no kidding.

Yet what about individuals with chronic conditions who go without treatment or are told yoga and line dancing will cure them instead of medication? Line dancing my ass. I have two left feet. I dance like a washing machine.

Individuals with severe forms of schizophrenia bipolar and other mental illnesses deserve to get the right help right away. And we should be respected and supported in our decision to take medication if we need to pop pills to have a better life.

Ann Bartlett at HealthCentral’s diabetes website wrote: “Medicine can be as potent a cure as healing is.” For a significant number of individuals with schizophrenia the medication heals us along with therapy and family and peer support.

The medication keeps the symptoms at bay.

I will tell you the benefit of taking medication every day as prescribed: you get to the point in your life where the schizophrenia is in effect gone from your life. For  a big chunk of us managing symptoms is no longer a full-time job.

The memories will always remain and that’s to be expected. Yet the older you get it’s possible for the symptoms to attenuate. This is the goal.

Yet first of all effective treatment should be available like social skills training and cognitive remediation. Getting the right treatment right away can get you to the point where your life in recovery is made easier the older you get.

People with severe illnesses deserve to have effective treatment given to them.

Getting the right treatment=having a better life.

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