3 Thoughts on Schizophrenia Recovery Outcomes

Without delay I give you 3 Thoughts on Schizophrenia Recovery Outcomes. My latest HealthCentral SharePost challenges E. Fuller Torrey’s narrow claim about individuals who can recover from schizophrenia.

Other professionals do think people diagnosed with schizophrenia can recover.

I’m glad to hear any comments you have on this topic. I will respond to every comment.

If a person has to collect SSI their life should be livable. They shouldn’t be relegated to living on the margins and being cast out of society because they have a more severe illness. Better mental healthcare should exist for those of us who have a severe condition.

My contention has always been that if I believed the snow job I was given about what I could do: my life would be worse because I wouldn’t have tried to recover. I would’ve given up on myself and gone along with this myth that there wasn’t much a person diagnosed with schizophrenia could do.

I will always maintain that working at the jobs I love and having my own apartment enabled me to recover. Had I not done these things, I might not have recovered. This is the twist in thinking that separates me from E. Fuller Torrey, MD.

Torrey does not think a person who has a job or an apartment has recovered. He does not think a person who has a wife or husband has recovered either. I take him to task for setting the bar impossibly high for defining how many people recover.

I’ll end here by saying that if better mental healthcare existed more people might recover.

End of story if you ask me.

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