Value Statements

As a mental health activist, I have the vision to help peers lead full and robust lives.

I’ve written my self-help books and published my memoir, Left of the Dial, to show you how I was able to do this and that you can too.

In the coming weeks, I’ll devote blog entries to how these 10 values can help you succeed:

Living a full and robust life is a goal that is within reach.

Taking action to achieve your goals is possible with the right support and treatment.

Getting off the SSI dole can allow you to have a better life than you thought possible.

Doing the things that give you joy and satisfaction can reduce the impact of your disability.

Persisting in taking action will help you achieve your goals even though you’re going through a hard time.

Acting true to yourself is the best way to succeed in life.

Getting the right treatment right away can totally stop symptoms or minimize their effect on your life.

Creating an open, honest two-way dialogue with your treatment providers is the best way to get effective treatment.

Firing a doctor or other professional who practices “cookie cutter” or “one-size-fits-all” treatment might be necessary.

Researching available treatment options to discover what option is best for you at this time is your right and duty a a user of medical services.


Each of the coming blog entries will focus on one of these values.

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