SSI and SSDI Trust Fund to Stop Payments in Two Years

You need to contact our elected officials in Washington to tell them to figure out how to temporarily transfer funds to the SSI and SSDI Trust Fund. The government disability system will not be able to pay benefits recipients in two years unless something is done.

Like I’ve always said: there isn’t a clown car big enough to hold all our elected officials. Our government is screwed up when it gets to point where individuals with disabilities, who live below the poverty line, will no longer receive their monthly checks.

Though Rep. Tim Murphy is a Republican so far I think we can count on him to do the right thing. Other members of the House and Senate also might do the right thing.

As well, the government wants to impose higher Medicaid co-pays on individuals with disabilities and limit the kinds of medication they can obtain with their benefits.

If this scares you, go on the website to read about this and to contact your elected officials.

We cannot be silent on this. Why don’t we have the money to pay individuals with disabilities?

All our money went to funding the Iraq and Afghanistan wars.

We fought wars instead of funding American priorities.

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