Ha Ha

(Almost) nothing is sacred to me in terms of comedy.

Though I don’t like racist or ethnic jokes.

I admire and respect Dick Gregory: the 1970s comedian who broke the color barrier in stand-up comedy.

He related this tale: He was in a restaurant eating chicken down South when the KKK entered and one of those guys told Gregory: “What you do to the chicken we’re going to do to you.” Insinuating they’d cut him up.

Dick Gregory promptly kissed the chicken.

There’s a guy, a senior citizen who stops me on the street to tell me jokes.

“Are you ready for the weekend – I have a joke,” he saw me coming one Sunday.

“Yes – sure.”

“What do you call a nun who walks in her sleep?” he asked.

“I don’t know.” I was puzzled.

“A Roamin’ Catholic.” He flashed a wide grin.

“That’s funny.” I laughed.

Imagine that: getting stand-up comedy on the sidewalk.

I kid you not there’s something to be said for having a sense of humor.

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