For The Record On Mental Health

I do not subscribe to the opinion that psychosis is a natural life experience and that it’s better to be symptomatic than to take schizophrenia medication.

I do not subscribe to the opinion that hearing voices is a great thing and that rather than take medication to halt voices a person should live with hearing voices every day of their lives.

These are opinions other people hold and they’re not facts.

At HealthCentral, I report on research studies and statistics. One hopeful criteria for remission from schizophrenia is that when you have no symptoms or minimal symptoms for six months you’re technically in remission. Only six months is the criteria for stating a person is in remission.

I do not believe that the “the natural progression of the disease” should be allowed. It’s my professional viewpoint that symptoms should be stopped or halted quickly to prevent ongoing disability.

The choice is clear to me: to live with optimal mental health because you got the right help, right away. Or to slowly yet inevitably become disabled because treatment is delayed or non-existent.

I do not advocate for the “right” of a person to be psychotic for the rest of their life.

I champion using an appropriate dose of medication to stop the symptoms completely or at least reduce the severity of the symptoms so that they’re minimally intrusive in a person’s life.

You know where I stand. This is where I stand.

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